Michael Jackson: The Legendary Personality

“The Best-Selling Music Artist”, “The King of Pop”, “The Gloved One” and many more honors given to an extremely outstanding artist. He was not an ordinary artist but an industry in himself. He was the one who still leads on millions of hearts. Thousands of honors and one name “Michael Joseph Jackson” better known as “MJ” or “Michael Jackson”.

Michael Jackson was the most popular artist of his time. One can be amazed to know the popularity of this iconic person that even after his death he was the highest earning personality in the list of Forbes. Michael Jackson was honored with 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, also he has 39 Guinness World Records is his name. One would also be amazed to know that the news of death was the highest searched content on Google. There were around 8 million searches that took place in just 10 minutes which crashed the Google Engine because of high traffic.

Michael Jackson was born in a middle class family in Gary, Indiana, United States on 29 August 1958. Michael parents were interested in music, so they also wanted their children to grow up with the music. He grow up with his 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He joined his brother’s music band at the age of 5 only named Jackson 5.  In the year 1969, the band released their first album “Diana Ross Presents- The Jackson 5”. All the songs of the album received a high response. At that time Michael was just 11 of age.

The biggest success of his life was his album “Thriller” released with the Epic Records, the album itself let 7 Grammy Awards, 8 American Music Awards and many other rewards given to Michael Jackson. The album broke all the records and was the most popular album of that time. After this great success, he never looked back, he was further honored with the number of awards and became “The King of Pop”.

There are certain things that one did not know and would be curious to know about the king of pop. The person who has taken the pop music to an extreme level was surrounded by certain claims against him but the claims never hit his popularity and he kept on ruling thousands of heart through his music. Michael Jackson is person having the highest number of awards in the world and having 23 world records in his name. This may amaze anyone that he was the highest earning artist even after his death. He was quit curious about his looks, hence he had been though a number of plastic surgeries. However, he claims that he had plastic surgeries just for two times in his life. He used to sleep in an oxygen chamber in order to live a healthy life, the oxygen chamber was donated to an orphanage after his death. His favorite cartoon character was Pinocchio. Michael Jackson used to suffer from a scarce illness called Alpha- 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, he received the illness in his legacy. His last journey was seen live by around 2.5 billion people, which is highest seen live streaming and a world record in itself.

Michael Jackson was the person about whom whatever someone would say is less than what exactly he was. After making an empire of millions of loving fans, entertaining millions of people through his extra ordinary art, the legend left this world. June 25, 2009 was the day of sorrow of millions of people. But, he is still ruling millions of hearts. Someone has truly said that legends never die, they just leave body but still appears in the world through the number of acts that they have done for name and fame.

May be today he is not alive but his name and fame will always appear in the society. May his soul rest in peace.